Anak Pulau Receration park at Bukit Kukub Bukit Udal, Tutong

In Brunei Darussalam , many places are yet to be developed into national, valuable heritages. This is because Brunei Darussalam has much undeveloped tropical rainforest, which it can be proud of. Environmental lovers hold the country’s rainforest in high esteem.
One of its is “Anak Pulau” . Anak Pulau is a recreational area, located in the Tutong District. It was located about 30 minutes away from Tutong Town. Anak Pulau is in Bukit Kukub Park, Kampong Bukit Udal. With its backdrop of unique beauty and environment, it continues to be maintained. The park is home to a species of valuable wood, and surrounded by trees of a variety of bio-diversity.
“Anak Pulau” a recreational area which was established by the Majlis Perundingan Kampong (MPK) Bukit Udal and Pakatan Sang Jati Dusun (PSJD) a few years ago.
The comfortable and natural climate of the “Anak pulau” park, is conducive to the blossom of flower varieties that make it a more attractive draw-card for visitors. The environment is peaceful, far away from the bustle of town, making it a choice and tranquil spot. The sounds of birds, coupled with the trickle of the stream, add to it’s charm. 10 years since the park was formed, a number of visitor-friendly facilities have been installed, including an information hut and a traditional Alai Kadek house. The stream has been deepened and efforts to clean up and beautify the park area is now in the works.